The Xavier High School faculty and staff aspire to provide a challenging, coherent, and relevant curriculum for each student. This dedicated staff comprises of Jesuit priests and scholastics, members of the Jesuit Volunteers International, Australian volunteers, and other independent volunteers. By the time of their graduation, Xavier students will have exhibited an appropriate mastery of the basic tools of learning, skills and curiosity to further explore ideas and issues, ability to apply their intellectual skills for more advanced levels of learning and are prepared to pursue post-secondary education; all due to a dedicated staff.




Mr. Rovan Agad

Mr. Agad is currently in his fifht year on Mabuchi Hill. He graduated from Xavier University-Ateneo de Cagayan, Philippines where he received a bachelor’s degree in mathematics for secondary education in 2009. He also holds a Philippines licentiate for teachers. Mr. Agad taught for one year at Vita Christi Basic Education School, and then for two years at St. Mary’s School. At Saint Mary’s, Mr. Agad was responsible for the ninth-grade mathematics and a senior elective in visual arts. He first came to Xavier in 2012, teaching Earth Science, 11th grade Mathematics, and Art. He was also the Art Club moderator and the boys’ basketball coach. In his fifth year, Mr. Agad is teaching Freshmen Algebra, Sophomore Geometry, Arts (Juniors and Arts (Seniors). He is also the freshmen class moderator and still the boys’ basketball varsity head coach.



Ms. Jenny Bruns

Ms. Bruns comes to Xavier from the Queen City—Cincinnati, Ohio. She received a bachelor’s degree in education focusing on math and science from Xavier University in her home town. During her undergraduate years, she participated in the Ulster Project and coached her high school dance team.  Ms. Bruns recently completed a masters degree in teaching from Saint Louis University through the Billiken Teacher Corps.  She spent two years teaching science while in the BTC.   Ms. Bruns teaches freshman earth science and junior chemistry, as well as serves as the co-moderator for the juniors.   She is also the girl’s assistant moderator.



Ms. Kara Geraci

 Ms. Kara Geraci is a Denver, Colorado native.  She graduated from Gonzaga University in Spokane, Washington, with a Bachelor of Science in biology and a Bachelor of Arts in Spanish. While at Gonzaga, Ms. Geraci conducted research with the biology department, volunteered as a tutor with the Center for Community Action and Service Learning, and served as an officer with the Student Body Association. This year at Xavier, she is the junior college counselor, sophomore class moderator, and instructor of study skills and literature II.  She comes to Xavier as a member of the Jesuit Volunteer Corps. She enjoys many outdoor activities including hiking, biking, and snowboarding. She also enjoys reading, watching movies, and playing cards and board games.



edwyl_4433Ms. Samantha Happ

Ms. Samantha Happ, from the great state of Ohio, is a recent graduate of Loyola University Chicago, with degrees in political science, international studies, and advocacy and social change.  Passionate about development and human rights, Ms. Happ has worked for Amnesty International, UNICEF and LIFT Chicago.  She comes to Xavier as a Jesuit Volunteer.  She holds many jobs on campus: Junior and Senior College Counselor, Girls Moderator, Debate Coach, and Volleyball Coach.  She loves bumblebees, rainy days, cheering for the Chicago Cubs, cold brew coffee, chasing constellations, campfires and pretending she cooks in an authentic Italian kitchen. Miss Happ is grateful for the opportunity to teach at Xavier and thoroughly enjoys the light and energy that beam from Mabuchi hill.


Mr. Haruji Ishihara

Mr. Ishihara was born in 1952 which is the same year as Xavier High School’s establishment year. He graduated Nihon University when he was 64 years old and his major was Japanese Language and Literature. He also learned electronics at National Institute of Technology, Akashi College when he was young. He worked at the semiconductor company in Japan for around 40 years as a semiconductor engineer. He has the working experience in the US and Taiwan for about 9 years as an expatriate in the company. After he retired the company, he learned how to teach Japanese language at the university and the vocational school. He started to teach Japanese at the Japanese Language Institute in Taiwan in 2012. He was assigned as a teacher and principal at the institute. He taught Japanese at the Japanese Language Institute in Japan, too. He always considers students as number one priority. He loves students like his children.


Mr. Greg Kopra 

Mr. Greg Kopra was born and raised in Buffalo, New York. He received a Bachelor of Arts in management and human resource management at Canisius College in his home town.  During his time at Canisius, he was a fellow in the Western New York Prosperity Fellowship, resident assistant, program coordinator for multiple clubs, retreat leader, tour guide, service trip leader, and student government senator. He has a variety of work experiences with nonprofit organizations, manufacturing and design companies, and multinational corporations.  Mr. Kopra comes to Xavier High School through Jesuit Volunteer Corps and teaches freshman religion and junior history.  He is also the junior class moderator, volleyball coach, and one of the campus ministry moderators.


Ms. Nancy León

Miss Nancy is a first generation American from Maryland. Her parents came to the United States from Central America and she grew up speaking both English and Spanish. As a child, she found early loves: reading, traveling, and learning about cultures different from her own. After attending Don Bosco Cristo Rey High School in Washington D.C., she went to The Catholic University of America before transferring to Wheeling Jesuit University in West Virginia. In 2017, she graduated with a B.A. in International Studies and a minor in Spanish. She was the first person in her family to study at a four-year university. She is in Chuuk to teach English Skills to the Trinitarians and the Illuminautz, and to learn as much as she can about island cultures. When she isn’t in her office or the classroom, she likes to read, dance to Latin music with Miss Maria, swim at Xavier Dock, and learn as much Chuukese as she can.


Mr. Frank Maddalone 

Mr. Frank Maddalone hails from Brooklyn, New York.  A graduate of “the other Xavier High School” in New York City, he went on to earn a bachelor’s degree from New York University’s Dramatic Writing Program, and an MFA from the University of Southern California’s School of Film and Television. Passionate about film and storytelling, he has worked as a professional screenwriter in Los Angeles since 2003. At “our Xavier,” he teaches English IV and film and media.  Whether on 16th Street in Manhattan to Mabuchi Hill, his loyalty to Xavier High School is stout and absolute.  Mr. Maddalone is the proud father of two beautiful and amazingly soulful children, Ethan (age 9) and Siena (age 5), and his single greatest joy in life is baking pumpkin bread with them.



Ms. Shannon Marcoux 

Ms. Marcoux came to Xavier High School in August 2016 with the Jesuit Volunteer Corps.  She teaches English III, literature IV, and economics.  She is also a campus ministry moderator and coaches the women’s basketball team.  Originally from Milwaukee, Wisconsin, Ms. Marcoux received a Bachelor of Arts in international political economy from Fordham University in New York City with a minor in business administration and a concentration in American Catholic studies.  During her time at Fordham, she was a resident assistant, editor for The Fordham Ram, retreat leader, social justice leader, and volunteer tutor.  In addition to Xavier, she has experience with nonprofit organizations, a government agency, and a law firm.



Ms. Maria Moreno

Miss Moreno was born and raised in México. She has a Bachelor of Science from the University of Notre Dame and a Master of Education from Creighton University. For the past eight years, Miss Moreno has been teaching science to students in various places of the world including San Diego, Puerto Rico, South Dakota, San Miguel de Allende, México City and Montpellier.   She has enjoyed traveling, experiencing new cultures, learning new languages, and teaching students with different backgrounds, and she is very excited to be in Micronesia.  She teaches biology to sophomores and physics for seniors here at Xavier. Miss Moreno is very grateful for the opportunity that Xavier has given her, and is honored to teach students in this beautiful part of the world.



Mr. Naoki Ochi, S.J.

Mr. Ochi, S.J. is a Jesuit scholastic from Japan, also in his regency.   He entered the Society of Jesus in 2011 after working for several years.  He studied philosophy, education, and theology.  He earned a Licentiate of Sacred Theology at Sophia University in Tokyo in 2007.  He is the moderator of the choir at Xavier, and serves a campus ministry moderator.  Mr. Ochi, S.J. teaches scripture and ethics to juniors and seniors, respectively.



Mr. Wylly Suhendra, S.J.

Mr. Suhendra, S.J. is an Indonesian Jesuit scholastic.  He entered the Society Jesus in 2010 after finishing his high school students at the Minor Seminary of St. Peter Canisius in Magelang.  He earned a bachelor’s degree in philosophy at the Driyarkara School of Philosophy in Jakarta in 2016. During his study in Driyarkara, he worked for Lembaga Daya Dharma, a social institute of the Archdiocese of Jakarta, which helps disadvantaged children gain access to health care and education.  After finishing his undergraduate studies, his the Jesuits missioned him to Micronesia to work at Xavier. This is period of work is called “regency.”  In his second year at Xavier, Mr. Suhendra, S.J. teaches Latin I, II, and computer skills.  He is also a campus ministry moderator and the moderator of the yearbook.

Ms. Falon Weidman 

Miss Falon Weidman grew up in the Ohio Valley region between Ohio and West Virginia. She teaches freshmen literature and sophomore English at Xavier, and also serves as the sophomore class moderator and women’s volleyball coach. She is a graduate of Wheeling Jesuit University with a BA in History, a BA in International Studies, and a minor in Spanish. In college, she served as a resident assistant, a volunteer ESL tutor, and played on the women’s soccer team, while interning at JesuitNET Global, an international non-profit.

Falon’s hobbies include sewing, drawing, hiking, playing soccer, and of course, reading. Her goals for this year are to instill her love of books and learning in her students, and to attempt to teach Mabuchi, the campus dog, some new tricks. Falon is a lover of all wildlife and enjoys learning about the plant and animal species found on Weno. She is very excited to join the Xavier family and learn more about the Micronesian cultures.













Mrs. Joan Riza S. Carl

Joan Riza S. Carl, or “Mrs. Carl” as she is known by students, is in her 9th year at Xavier.  She spent ten years in Palau at Mindszenty High School, where she taught computer skills, biology, and earth science teacher.  She also worked in the offices of Nippon Koie Consulting Firm, which was responsible for building the Japan-Palau Friendship Bridge.  She was recruited to Xavier High School as the school nurse in 2008.  In 2010, Mrs. Carl also assumed the role of school registrar. Mrs. Carl graduated from University of the East Ramon Magsaysay Memorial Medical Center (UERMMMC) in Manila, Philippines and worked at Medical City Hospital for a year.

Ms. Melba Veloso

Rosario Melba C. Veloso is an assistant librarian and archivist for the Micronesian Seminar Library (Micsem).  She was a volunteer librararian at Micsem’s librarian for three years in Pohnpei. Ms. Veloso left Pohnpei in 2002 to pursue a degree in nursing at Our Lady of Fatima University, in Quezon City in the Phillipines.

She returned to Micsem in 2011 as the assistant librarian and archivist. A year later, Micsem and its staff were relocated to Xavier. Now in her fourth year at Xavier, she is currently the only active staff member in Micsem.


Mr. Ricky II Rikat

Mr. Rickat is from Sapuk here on Weno.  He attended Iras Demo School in Chuuk and later went to Mizpah Christian High School.

In 2009, Mr. Rikat moved to Denver where he worked in various capacities for two years.  He later moved to Alaska to work for Trident Sea Food Productions.  After spending two years in Alaska, Mr. Rikat returned to Chuuk.

Currently, Mr. Rikat is the boys’ dorm moderator.


Ms. Nanet Balaod

Ms. Balaod graduated from Cebu Institute of Technology-University, Cebu, Philippines in 2008 with a degree in accounting.  She worked for few private companies in the Philippines before coming to Chuuk in 2012 where she worked as an accountant for a local business.  Ms. Balaod returned to Philippines in 2014, but soon received a job offer to return to Chuuk to work at Xavier.  She joined the community on Mabuchi Hill in June of 2015.


Ms. Cristine Denola

Ms. Cristine Denola is from Marinduque, Philippines.  She is a graduate of Polytechnic University of the Philippines holding a degree in banking and finance.

Ms. Denola worked as an accounting clerk for a motorcycle company in the Philippines before arriving in Chuuk to work as an accountant.  She was excited to work abroad for the first time, and to live with her father who spent most of his life in Chuuk to send his children to school for our education.

In 2016, Fr. Pecoraro, S.J. hired Ms. Denola as an accountant at Xavier.  While she’s been here for less than a year, she has learned a great deal, especially from the Xavier community, absorbing different cultural values from people hailing from many different places in the world.












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