The Xavier High School faculty and staff aspire to provide a challenging, coherent, and relevant curriculum for each student. This dedicated staff comprises of Jesuit priests and scholastics, members of the Jesuit Volunteers International, Australian volunteers, and other independent volunteers. By the time of their graduation, Xavier students will have exhibited an appropriate mastery of the basic tools of learning, skills and curiosity to further explore ideas and issues, ability to apply their intellectual skills for more advanced levels of learning and are prepared to pursue post-secondary education; all due to a dedic
ated staff.


Name: Ms. Meghan Murphy

Title : Vice-Principal
School: University of Illinois, USA
Degree: BA
Major: Sociology

Name: Mr.  Kevin Gerike

Title : Dean of Students
School: University of Wisconsin-Madison, USA
Degree: BS
Major: Landscaping Architercture and Environmental Studies



Name: Miss Ani Artero

Title: Independent Teacher
Home: Alewa Heights Hawaii, USA
School: Chaminade University of Honolulu
Degree: B.A.
Major: English and Psychology
Teaching assignment: Senior English Literature, Junior English Literature
Moderating: Junior Class Moderator

Name: Mr. Ardi Jatmiko SJ 

Title : Jesuit Scholastic
School: Driyarkara School of Philosophy, Jakarta
Degree: Bachelor of Arts
Major: Philosophy
Teaching assignment: Religion I and Biology
Moderating: sacristan, Campus Ministry


Name: Mr. Rafael Mathando Hinganaday, SJ

Title: Jesuit Scholastic
Home: Jakarta, Indonesia
School: Driyarkara School of Philosophy
Degree: B.A.
Major: Philosophy
Teaching assignment:Latin 1, Latin 2
Moderating: boys basketball, CLC, Campus Ministry

IMG_7954Name: Mr. Zak Jambor
Title: Independent Teacher
Home: W. Sealy, Texas, USA
School: Penn State
Degree: B.A.
Major: Business
Teaching assignment: Math, Science, IT Manager
Moderating: Softball

Name: Mr. Ean Tierney
Title: Independent Volunteer
Home: Buffalo, NY, USA
School: Canisius College
Degree: B.A.
Major: Business
Teaching assignment: English, History
Moderating: Senior Moderator, JSA


Name: Miss Nathalia Sacks

Title : Independent Volunteer
School: Canisius College
Degree: B.A.
Major: International Relations, Political Science, European History
Teaching assignment: Literature
Moderating: Debate, Newspaper, Yearbook


   Name: Miss Sage Ezell

Title : Independent Volunteer
School: Creighton University
Degree: B.A.
Major: Justice and Society
Teaching assignment: Science, Math
Moderating: Freshmen Moderator, Earth Council


IMG_7944Name: Miss Annie Kraus
Title: Jesuit Volunteer Corps.

Home: Birmingham, Alabama
School: Samford University
Degree: B.A.
Major: English
Teaching assignment: College Counseling

Moderating: Marathon

Name : Miss Allison Braun

Title: Independent Teacher
School: Canisius College
Degree: B.A., M.S.
Major: Environmental Studies, Communications and Leadership
Teaching assignment: Science, Health
Moderating: Girls Moderator, Girls Basketball, Soccer, Yearbook


Name: Mr. Toshi Shitamori

Title: Independent Volunteer
School: Hiroshima Institute of Technology
Degree: B.S.
Major: Engineering
Teaching assignment: Art
Moderating: Art Club

Name: Mr. Adam Somers

Title: Independent Teacher
School: Franciscan University of Steubenville
Degree: B.A.
Major: English
Teaching assignment: English
Moderating: Sophomore Moderator, Soccer, Debate


IMG_7923Name: Miss Catrina Matos

Title: Independent Teacher
School: Brigham Young University
Degree: B.A.
Major: Economics
Teaching assignment: Math
Moderating: Choir


IMG_7866Name: Mr. Alex Moya

Title: Independent Teacher
School: UCLA, University of Chicago
Degree: B.A., M.A.
Major: Political Science, Social Science
Teaching assignment: Religion, Micronesian Studies
Moderating: Library, Croquette Club

IMG_7865Name: Mr. Marshall Davidson

Title: Independent Teacher
School: Santa Clara, Notre Dame, Harvard
Degree: B.A., MEd., M.A.
Major: History, Education, Public Policy
Teaching assignment: History, Civics
Moderating: Sophomore Moderator, Soccer, Debate


IMG_8055Name: Miss Eriko Akaishi

Title: J.I.C.A. Volunteer
School: Rykkio University, Boston University
Degree: B.A., M.S.
Major: Mass Communications
Teaching assignment: Japanese


IMG_7976Name: Mr. Joe Lenz

Title: Jesuit Volunteer Corps
School: Villanova University
Degree: B.A.
Major: Economics
Teaching assignment: College Counseling, Religion, Music
Moderating: Junior Moderator, Basketball, Volleyball


IMG_8105Name: Mr. Bryan Alamillo

Title: Jesuit Volunteer Corps.
School: Loyola Marymount University
Degree: B.A.
Major: Marketing
Teaching assignment: English, Computer skills, Campus Ministry
Moderating: Volleyball, Basketball







Name:  Mrs. Joan Riza S. Carl
Title: School Nurse
Home: Quezon City, Philippines
School: University of the East Ramon Magsaysay Memorial Medical Center (UERMMMC)
Degree: Bachelor of Science
Major: Nursing










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