Freshmen Year

Class of 2014.

English Skills I

Freshman English Skills aims to strengthen the students’ abilities in all aspects of the English language. The goals of the class are for each student to learn and demonstrate understanding of basic grammar principles, to expand and improve the English vocabulary of each student, and for students to improve and practice writing skills through various outlets, including essays, journaling, and creative writing. The critical reading skills of the students will also be further developed through independent reading assignments and in class activities.

Literature I

The student at Xavier High School is consistently challenged to examine ideas, explore values and communicate options. All of this must be done in a second language, English. This course is designed to introduce students to the literary genre and compels them to assess the development, themes and literary tools employed by the author. Students read a variety of short stories, three novels, one drama, as well as read and analyze poetry.  Reading, writing, and vocabulary are also incorporated to enhance the student’s English language skills.

Algebra I

The purpose of this course is to increase student awareness of the importance of mathematics in the modern world.  The students will become more confident in their ability to work with mathematical concepts and relationships.  They will learn how to think systematically and use the precise logic required for mathematical problem solving.  This course builds on the student’s understanding of basic mathematics in the study of algebraic skills and problem solving.  Students will learn to express real-world problems in algebraic sentences in order to find solutions.  Successful completion of this course is an indispensable step in their preparation for geometry, more advanced algebra, trigonometry and calulus.

General Science

This course is designed to strengthen the students’ ability in basic scientific skills, to increase the depth of their inquiry and to give the students a scientific appreciation for the natural world and the universe around it.  Emphasis is placed on the scientific method, questioning, measuring, researching, formulating hypotheses, experimenting and interpreting basic data tables.

Pacific History and Geography

Here the students will learn how to use coordinates to read and interpret various types of maps.  They will learn about the first settlers in Micronesia, the purpose of their voyages of discovery among these Pacific islands.    They will learn to understand the why and how of past and present relationships among the various micronesian cultures.

Religion I

This beginning course on religious focuses on ecclesiology.  The content of the course includes an overview of the essential teachings of the Catholic Church, articles of the Nicene and Spostle’s Creeds, a review of the seven sacraments, a discussion of the theological and cardinal virtues, the essential Catholic teachings about moral principles, discussion of the requirements of the Beatitudes, the Ten Commandments, the scriptures and other demands of Catholic social justice teaching.  This course also provides a primer on prayer with a special emphasis on the Lord’s Prayer.

Latin I

In this first year program students will be introduced to the rudiments of the Latin language: vocabulary, declensions and conjugations, grammar and syntax while gaining an understanding of the mechanics of Latin and developing the skills to translate.  In addition to acquiring an appreciation for this classical language, the students will learn how to think logically and deductively.  The study of Latin in first year will strengthen English vocabulary and grammar usage.  Students will also learn about Roman history, culture and art and their contribution to Western Civilization.

Typing & Computer Skills

A working knowledge of personal computers and application software, to prepare Xavierites for the modern world. Students are taught internet ethics.  They learn how to utilize the Windows XP  operating system, Microsoft Word, Microsoft Excel and Powerpoint. These software were chosen as being most useful in helping the students produce papers and assignments, and in preparing them for future work in college.

Study Skills

The students are taught how to study.  A Xavier student needs to have good study habits, especially in a boarding school. In study skills, students will learn hints, advice, and techniques for taking notes, listening and reading in class; how to prepare for tests; and how to organize a personal study schedule to get the best results in the shortest amount of time.

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