Junior Year

Class of 2012

Religion III

This course aims at the study of extensive selections from books of the Old Testament scriptures, encouraging insights into the relationship between the Old and New Testaments as presented in the Roman Catholic liturgy, and the application of those insights to situations today.  Through a prayerful, critical, and reflective approach to the Bible, the course aims at the development of faith in the lives of the students.

English Skills III

The Junior English skills class builds on grammar skills acquired in English I and II. Emphasis is placed on learning effective ways to organize and write multi-paragraph essays

and a research paper in the second semester. In addition, students begin to learn the elements of public speaking and debate. They learn how to write effectively for speeches and oral presentations. Students are introduced to logic and college vocabulary in preparation for the

SAT and TOEFL examinations given at the end of Junior year.

Literature III

Xavier students are consistently challenged to identify their beliefs and values, and put them into action. Literature offers abundant examples of adolescent characters who struggle under the same circumstances. This course introduces students to these characters and compels them to reflect upon their own values. Broad issues such as freedom, honesty, power, salvation, love, courage, and discrimination are discussed by focusing on specific incidences recounted in the novels, poetry and films. Through introspection students become familiar with in-depth literary analysis.

Algebra II & Trigonometry

Since logical thinking and problem solving skills are necessary in all fields of study, this course in advanced algebra and trigonometry prepares students for many facets of the life beyond high school.  Students develop solid skills in their ability to conduct creative problem solving in a logical and effective manner.  The students are encouraged to study mathematics beyond trigonometry and have the confidence to apply their logical thinking skills to everyday situations.  They will learn to be more comfortable with the use of math skills.  They will have be given opportunities to use these skills as they are often used in the real world to solve problems and make decisions.


The study of the elements and their combinations in compounds useful in all areas of nature provide a door into the mysteries of the world around us, and of the Creator God who provides such wonders at every turn in our investigations.  The philosophy of Chemistry is to prepare students to help prepare students to gain knowledge and confidence in their ability to think critically and analyze as a scientist. Students are asked to approach this class with an open-mind and approach scientific problems with skills of logic and creativity. Students will combine hands on experience in the laboratory with important skills and knowledge learned through scientific lecture, which will allow them to examine problems and issues in our world

World History II

This course seeks in its most basic form to convey the major events in world history from pre-historical times to modern history. Students will gain a coherent knowledge of certain aspects of modern history, develop a more mature sense of time, understand that history is a continuous process understand that change is constant in history, understand that historical events usually have multiple causes and multiple effects, understand that there are various forces which helped to shape the modern world, become aware of the different ways in which people have responded to change and why, understand the values and beliefs of different societies at different times and  develop an understanding of the concepts and terminology frequently used  in historical writings on the modern world.

College Counseling I

Junior level College Counseling focuses on preparation for the PSAT and SAT, as well as begin the discernment process of picking potential majors and choosing a college which will best fit the desires and needs of each student.

Japanese Language

This course is designed to have interested students be able to hold simple conversations with Japanese speakers at the end of the school year. Its emphasis is on conversational Japanese and introduction to writing in Japanese. Students are expected to be able to write in hiragana and katakana at the end of the year.

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