Sophomore Year

Class of 2013.

Religion II

The second year Religion course is a study of Christology from two angles: the Jesus of history and the Christ of faith.  Using history, scripture and tradition the students will trace the development of our understanding of who Christ is theologically, while deepening their own relationship with the Son of God.  The students will learn about Jesus in his own historical context and also encounter the Christ who is present in their own lives and experience.  The Ignatian Dynamic will enable them to find who Jesus is for them and how where he is at work in their world.

English Skills II

Mastery of the English language is essential for the student’s success at Xavier High School. This English Skills course seeks to build upon the basic understanding of grammar and composition as established in Freshmen English Skills. The promotion of language proficiency at sophomore level will emphasize refining usage abilities, developing well organized multi-paragraph essays, improving vocabulary, and enhancing reading comprehension. These skills enable students to better communicate their ideas to others as they engage in lifelong

learning and active involvement in the world around them.

Literature II

Sophomore level Literature provides an opportunity for students to begin exploration of works inspired by their historical setting.  Students gain a greater appreciation of human events when historical in conjunction with artistic characterization and storytelling.  Each reading invites students to place themselves within the setting and consider what they would or would not do in similar circumstances while considering historical context and cultural sensitivity.


Geometry comes from the Greek words ‘geo’ meaning earth and ‘metria’ meaning measurement. Geometry was used in problems involving measurements made on earth. Geometry is given to the sophomore students after having first studied the first course in our math curriculum, Algebra.  Geometry is organized in such a manner that topics are studied in sequence.. Students then study plane geometry and some selected topics on solid geometry and coordinate geometry. Special questions and problems given to, or asked by, the students or teacher require higher order thinking skills. Students of Xavier High School should develop their curiosity, creativity, persistence, imagination, independence, and the capacity for self-introspection and criticism. In addition to logical reasoning and analytical ability, these are the desirable virtues that should be cultivated among students not only in geometry but throughout the whole mathematics curriculum.


This course aims to give students a more complete and holistic understanding of the world around them, including the environment, ecosystems, and plant and animal life. Topics to be covered in the course are cell biology, genetics, evolution, ecology, and human biology. The aim of the course is also to help students develop a curiosity of their world, and to give them the knowledge and tools to understand how and why scientific investigations are performed by conducting controlled experiments. Students will also be able to demonstrate proper care and use of laboratory equipment. As a result of the course, students will gain confidence in making educated decisions about biological and environmental resources, as well as human health.

World History I

This course seeks in its most basic form to convey the major events in world history from pre-historical times to modern history. Students will gain a coherent knowledge of certain aspects of modern history, develop a more mature sense of time, understand that history is a continuous process understand that change is constant in history, understand that historical events usually have multiple causes and multiple effects, understand that there are various forces which helped to shape the modern world, become aware of the different ways in which people have responded to change and why, understand the values and beliefs of different societies at different times and  develop an understanding of the concepts and terminology frequently used  in historical writings on the modern world.

Latin II

Learning Latin trains the learner to think systematically and intelligently– skills needed in every intellectual activity.  Terminology deriving from Latin words and concepts is widely used among other fields such as philosophy, medicine, biology and law.  Learning Latin will help students to prepare their intellectual skill for their future.  Latin is an inflective language, meaning that the root of a word stays the same but the endings change.  This means that a student must memorize the different forms of the endings, and analyze each word in a sentence.  A student thus learns two important skills: (1) how to learn; and (2) many analytical skills.  These tools of learning can be transferred to other areas such as scientific and literary subjects.


The goal of this course is to help the students care for their holistic being while at Xavier High School.  What they will learn in health class are practical necessities in life such as: Personal care and basic hygiene, administering First Aid which includes first aid for choking, rescue breathing and CPR.  Since teenagers are pre-disposed to drinking alcohol, smoking and using tobacco in betel nut, this class will help them recognize the dangers of these substances.  They will also become aware of common infectious diseases and how to avoid contracting them.

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