Xavier High Schools Expected School Wide Learning Results (ESLRs)

Xavier High School Students, Upon Graduation, Will Be:
1. Competent
A graduate of Xavier High School exhibits the competency of a four-year college preparatory curriculum and has developed intellectual skills that go beyond intellectual competency and requirement for college entrance by integrating Gospel values and our Ignatian heritage. The graduate has become aware of and begun to practice the basic skills facilitating leadership and collaboration. By the time of their graduation,
Xavier students will have:

  • learned to communicate effectively through comprehending, speaking, reading and writing English.
  • begun to grow in an awareness of historical and current social issues both in Micronesia and in the world and have begun to realize the implications of these issues on various communities.
  • developed the ability to think logically and critically, to recognize patterns and to apply mathematical concepts to everyday situations, and to integrate Gospel values in the decisions and actions of their daily lives.
  • developed proficiency in conducting scientific investigations and in analyzing and reporting results.
  • begun to understand the impact of technology on the future and gained skills to utilize new resources.
  • had the opportunity to develop competence in co-curricular areas, including student governance, athletics and creative arts.
  • become qualified applicants to be considered by competitive colleges and universities.
  • demonstrated an understanding of the Catholic Church’s teaching about Jesus and his mission as well as the sacramental expressions of that mission.

2. Conscientious
By the time of their graduation, Xavier students have begun to learn how to make moral judgments informed by Christian doctrine and traditions and have developed confidence in their ability to make the right decisions. The graduate has become aware of and begun to practice the basic skills facilitating leadership and collaboration. The graduate has had opportunities to exercise leadership in the academic, extra-curricular and campus ministry domains. By the time of their graduation,
Xavier students will have:

  • learned how to discern what is right, good and true; they take initiative to act on the results of a discernment process.
  • learned to open themselves to new experiences and have gained confidence in their ability to integrate these new discoveries into their own cultural backgrounds and value sets.
  • developed a realistic familiarity with and acceptance of themselves. They appreciate their gifts and strive to develop their talents to the fullest, while also remaining conscious of and trying to improve upon their weaknesses.
  • experienced the benefits of self-discipline in creating a sense of order and efficiency in their lives and learned to be faithful in fulfilling responsibilities.
  • developed a sense of individual spirituality through prayer, retreats and participation in the Sacraments.
  • displayed an understanding of the relationship between faith in Jesus and being a “person for and with others,” which manifests itself in action based on the Church’s teaching on social justice;.
  • begun to see the importance of their influence on public policy by critiquing laws already in effect, by modeling the policy-making process in their student government and, for older students, by voting.

3. Compassionate
By the time of their graduation, Xavier students have learned to respond to others as Jesus did – by placing their talents, skills and knowledge at the service of their family, local community, the Church and their country. Xavier graduates walk with others of diverse cultural and ethnic backgrounds, in friendship and in empathy, to empower them. These attitudes have been informed by students’ experiences living in the Xavier community, by learning in the classroom, by community service projects on their home islands, and by working with and for the local Sapuk and Chuuk communities. By the time they graduate,
Xavier students will have:

  • developed the habit of putting themselves in the place of others.
  • formed friendships with those of different cultural backgrounds and contributed to developing a spirit of Micronesian unity.
  • begun to understand some of the demands of community building at a local, national, and global level.
  • been prepared to enter the broader community as influential leaders and agents of positive social change.
  • learned how to act as a person “for and with others” by serving people in need.
  • demonstrated a loving attitude by overcoming personal prejudices and stereotypes.
  • understood the connection between personal faith and the need for commitment to a just society, and in that commitment, recognize the needs of the disadvantaged;

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