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The DISTINGUISHED FIRST CLASS OF XAVIER L-R: Raymond Uluchong (PW), Lazarus Salii (PW), , Robert Keck, S.J., Andres Uherbelau (PW), Anthony Polloi (PW)

The Xavier family acknowledges the distinguished class of 1956, the first group of students to graduate from Xavier High School.

Mr. Andres Uherbelau was born on August 21, 1934 on the island of Angaur in Palau. He was baptized Catholic at an early age, and has been practicing his faith very seriously in all his life. He is married to former Rosania Saikemal of Palau and they have three grown daughters and one son, and six grandchildren.

Raymond Ulochong was born in the village of Ngiwal on the island of Babeldaob in the Republic of Palau during the Japanese period in Micronesia. He was too young to attend Japanese primary school, but was able to enroll in the Ngiwal Elementary School, which was one of the primary schools established in Palau by the US Military Government after the Second World War.

Lazarus Eitaro Salii was born in Angaur, Palau, on November 17, 1936. The oldest of the ten children of Edward and Concepcion Salii, he had, by all accounts, that certain “something” in his personality that made people around him give their best. He was undoubtedly the favorite child and favorite sibling in his family. All the best was given to Lazarus by his family, including the best education, which is why he attended Xavier High School.

Anthony Polloi (no biography available at this time)

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