A Benefit for Xavier High School (Micronesia)

August 25, 2016


If you’re in or around New York City on October 6th, please join Fr. Dennis Baker, S.J. for a reception to celebrate Xavier High School in Micronesia. This event is graciously hosted and supported by the “other Xavier High School” in Manhattan, with all proceeds coming to Mabuchi Hill.

The link below also contains a method to donate to Xavier Micronesia even if you cannot be with Fr. Baker on October 6th.


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FOX-Kosrae Launched

March 2, 2012

The Sleeping Lady is waking up in the form of Friends of Xavier – Kosrae (FOX-K) with the appointment of Andy George ’92 as the first president. Andy is the Executive Director of the Kosrae Conservation and Safety Organization (KCSO), a nonprofit organization based in Kosrae. During his meeting with Fr. Rich this week, Andy graciously agreed to serve as the head of the newest FOX. Upon his return to Kosrae, Andy will contact all the Xavier alumni from Kosrae and formulate plans to administer the Xavier Entrance Exam in Kosrae and to expand the FOX-K membership to other friends and allies of Xavier in Kosrae. Thank you, Andy.

FOX-Pal raises over $11,000 for XHS

December 13, 2011

Photo courtesy Quay Polloi '93

On the eve of Saturday, December 3, 2011, a fund raiser in support of Xavier High School netted some $11,667. The event was organized by the registered non-profit group, FOX-PAL, short for Friends of Xavier-Palau. Supporters gathered at Sunset Park and the program began with a slideshow of numerous photos compiled by Ngewakl Soaladaob ’99 with sound tracks by Xavier alumni Johnny B. ’71, Kiblas ’02, and Kendall T. ’06.

The event’s highlight was a presentation entitled, “A Love Story” by Quay ’93 and Ngewakl ‘99. The two-part story showcased a pictorial history with informative and sometimes humorous anecdotes about the journey of Xavier and then explained the current needs of the school. The second part showcased each class roster of Palauans and their pictures from 1956 to the present. Although still a work in progress, the current edition of “A Love Story” was well-received with spontaneous cheers during parts of the show and much applause and positive comments afterwards. After the showing, various items were bid out including prank items such as mackerel hidden in expensive liquor boxes. The elder alumni then spoke to the crowd and told humorous stories of their experiences at the school and why everyone should help pitch in. Afterwards Xavier singers took the stage.

“I’m flattered how they made me stand out in the story as the last of the first four graduates still around,” said Andres Uherbelau, ’56. “The event was a resounding success and FOX-PAL is committed to supporting Xavier annually. I congratulate the organizers and look forward to next year’s event which promises to be even better” said Jackson Henry ‘76. “Job well done!” said Richard Misech, a parent and supporter.
FOX-PAL is one of eight Friends of Xavier groups in Micronesia, Saipan, Hawaii and the U.S. Mainland. School director, Fr. Rich McCauliff, S.J. challenged the FOX groups to each raise $10,000 by March 1, 2012 to help with the school’s budget deficit, to pay for the freight charges for two new buses from California obtained by grants, to purchase new textbooks, and other matters. FOX-PAL of Palau rose to the challenge and beat the amount and the deadline well-ahead of the other seven FOX groups.

The organizing committee was led by Quay Polloi with members Ngewakl Soaladaob, Lynn Polloi, Kaipo Recheyungel, Rose Aliven Kohama, Volette Polloi, Melinda Lawrence, Kiblas Soaladaob, Tanya Patris, Sera Titiml, Landon Decherong, Corleone Ueki, and RJ Misech .

FOX-Chuuk t-shirts for sale

January 18, 2011

Order your shirt today!

Friends of Xavier – Chuuk chapter announced the availability of FOX-C shirts for sale as part of their fundraising efforts. For a detailed look at the t-shirts and to order yours, please visit the FOX-C on Facebook today.

FOX – Palau wins January Honors

January 15, 2011

As of today, January 16, 2011, FOX-Palau wins the January Honor Roll for raising $2,000.00 while none of the other chapters have yet to submit their contributions. FOX-Palau’s success is even more impressive given that Quay Polloi seems to be leading the Palau chapter without any other officers.  Word has it that FOX-Chuuk has completed several fundraising events but have yet to turn in any amount to Xavier High School.  All FOX leaders are encouraged to send their chapter’s funds to Fr. David Andrus, SJ, Director before February 1, 2011 for the next FOX Funds Updates.

January Honors

FOX – Palau
President: Quay Polloi  <quaypolloi@yahoo.com>
Amount: $2,000


FOX – Chuuk
President: Joachim Peter  <jojo@comfsm.fm>
Amount: $0

FOX – Marshall Islands
President: James Myazoe  <tcmi@ntamar.com>
Amount: $0

FOX – Pohnpei
President – vacant position
Vice President: Alissa Takesy <finpul@yahoo.com
Amount: $0

FOX – Saipan
President: Jimmy Sablan  <bigjim670@gmail.com>
Amount: $0

FOX – Yap
President: Serphin Illesiuyalo  <serphin@comfsm.fm>
Amount: $0

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