Commencement Honors 2012

June 29, 2012


These are the awards announced at the 2012 Commencement Exercise at Xavier High School’s graduation on June 1, 2012 at the Mabuchi campus.

First Honors
1.Pearl Asugar (Chuuk)
2.Aikman Beouch (Palau)
3.Ma. Erika C. Diones (Philippines)
4.Kerina Eria (Chuuk)
5.Sanchez Hallers (Chuuk)
6.Skylynn Ifelbuch (Yap)
7.Beverly Ilemangilish (Yap)
8.Naiomy Lohn (Pohnpei)
9.Anfernee Mallarme (Pohnpei)
10.DJ Michael Malon Jr (Chuuk)
11.Martin  Joseph Moore III (Palau)
12.Hidiechi Mori (Chuuk)
13.Melissa Baamliw Mulalap (Yap)
14.V-Ann Nakamura (Chuuk)
15.Lyra Narruhn (Chuuk)
16.Lerina Felix Nena (Kosrae)
17.Lyma Nero (Chuuk)
18.Jocleyn Panuel (Pohnpei)
19.Tyrone Felix Rodriquez (Pohnpei)
20.Jasmine Lambert Smith (Pohnpei)
21. Eleanor Titiml (Palau)

Second Honors
1.Jon-Tyrone Kanichy Celestine (Kosrae)
2.Judina Morvette Korok (Marshall)
3.Laura Korwan (Marshall)
4.Jean Malolo (Marshall)
5.Fabrice Nimea (Pohnpei)
6.Joyful Kicho Noket (Chuuk)
7.Andy Lasaro Sakaio (Marshall)
8.Redeemer Ifich Sappa (Chuuk)

2012 Xavier Awards
Bishop Kennally Award: Joyful Kicho Noket
Leadership Award: Martin Joseph Moore III
Responsibility Award: Sanchez Hallers
Hard Worker Award: Bevely Illemangilish
Service Award: Hideichi Mori
Effort Award: Ma. Erika Diones
Profile Award: Eleanor Titiml
Spirit Award: Jasmine Lambert Smith
Musician Award: Eleanor Titiml
Athletics Award: DJ Michael Malon Jr (Male) & Lyma Nero (Female)
Improvement Award: Aikman Beouch
Ut Omnes Unum Sint Award: Malcolm Santos Tom
Academic Excellence Award: Ms. Erika  Diones

Other Awards:
Chuuk Scholarship Award: Pearl Asugar & Hideichi Mori
Gates Millennium Scholars: Pearl Asugar & Eleanor Titiml


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