Merkii Toluk on Xavier Day, 2016

December 2, 2016

Merkii Toluk, class of 2019

Merkii Toluk, class of 2019

It is that time of the year again: the spirit of Saint Francis Xavier is about to be on full display on Mabuchi Hill.  It is no secret that this is one of Xavier High School’s favorite traditions. Xavier Day brings the whole school together with the amity (or maybe even enmity!) between the classes, the competitions, and the undying Xavier spirit.

What does Xavier Day mean to each class?  This day is when students show off their diverse set of skills either individually or as a group. Those wide-eyed freshmen will be all nerves because this will be their first Xavier Day and they are the youngest and least experienced.  They are also filled with excitement because the spirit of Xavier High School has slowly crept inside of them and has begun to burn brightly within them over the past four months. They are new, so their talents remain mostly unknown to the rest of us. They aim to mark themselves as standouts among the older classes.

Sophomores are no longer the youngest in the school. They don’t have the seniors to guide them on Xavier Day, as they did last year.  Seeing the new freshmen being cared for by the seniors might make last year’s Xavier Day memories come rushing back.

For the juniors, this will be the first time being the leaders of their group, as they will be charged with leading their team comprised of second and third year students. It is their time to shine and to show that they have the experience and ability to lead both classes.

As for the seniors, it is their last year so the thing they want the most out of this Xavier Day is to have fun and make memories.  Winning would also be nice for them and the freshmen they will lead!

Psalm 150:4-6 says, “Praise God with drum and dance! Praise God with strings and pipe! Praise God with loud cymbals! Let every living thing praise the Lord. Praise the Lord!” The Psalmist might as well be describing Xavier Day, because these are the sounds of Xavier Day.  People will be dancing. Ukuleles and whistles will enliven everyone’s spirits. Everybody will be looking for things that they can bang together to make the loudest sounds.

The spirit that the Xavierites show is so infectious that it will get the Sapukians running up the hill and cheering for the winning team. Saint Francis Xavier travelled around the world to different places creating strong bonds with people and the places just like how Xavierites create bonds between the themselves and the Sapukians. When he traveled to Japan, he adapted to the local customs, just as Xavierites adapt to one another even though we come from different islands, backgrounds, and cultures. This is what Xavier Day brings: the spirit of Saint Francis Xavier. The spirit of love, companionship, and happiness.  Yes, there are very competitive games and events over the course of the two days, but this celebration is more than just running and competing. It is about bringing the whole school and the community–including Sapuk–together in a celebration of companionship.

Xavier Day is here, and everyone should keep in mind why we have this special celebration every year in the beginning of December. It is to strengthen the bond with one another, compete with each other in a friendly manner, and to live the way Saint Francis Xavier lived his life.  Xavier Day is a day full of spirit and love for one another—a spirit of love given to us by the memory of Saint Francis Xavier burning deep within us.



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