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THEOLOGY  Course Offerings:


Basic Catholic/Christian Doctrine

Our Catholic Faith: Living What we Believe (Ave Maria Press)   This course covers basic Catholic doctrine which every Catholic should know.



Jesus of History, Christ of Faith; (St. Mary’s Press)

This course studies the Catholic understanding of Jesus Christ, both historically and theologically, by focusing primarily on the synoptic gospels and Pauline epistles; includes also early church history and an introduction to sacraments.


1st Semester:  Old Testament (Journey Through the Old Testament & The Bible.)

2nd Semester: History of the Church from 4th century to Present, includes the Reformation and a section on World Religions.


Christian Morality (Your Life in Christ) includes cultural, traditional, and contemporary prayer; Catholic doctrines practices and rituals, the 10 Commandments; Sacraments of Matrimony, Reconciliation, Holy Orders; Discernment in moral decision making and vocation.

The goals of the Theology Department can be understood in terms of three objectives each aimed at a different level of religious awareness: informational, formational and transformational.

Informational: Instruction in theology at XHS attempts to educate students

regarding the doctrines, traditions, practices and history of Catholic Christianity. The focus here is academic; the objective is to give the student an understanding of the Catholic tradition.

Formational: The study of religion hopes to have a concrete effect on our students in terms of their personal development, especially in terms of their thinking, their attitudes and behavior.  The goal for our students is to become young men and women of compassion, conscience and commitment, drawing inspiration from Jesus Christ.

Transformational: Here the objective is not merely to impart the Gospel or to seek meaning; it is rather to encourage the student to incorporate the basic message of the Gospel into his/her personal life with full involvement in the local faith community. The school respects the privacy of his/her personal beliefs and values. Our goal is ultimately to cooperate in the work of the Holy Spirit: the transformation of the student into a woman/man of faith, hope and love—a man/woman for others, one who imitates Christ.

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