Xavier students participating in a community service project.


Philosophy and Objectives

By volunteering their energies and talents to the people of their community, the student contributes in a meaningful manner to bettering his world and grows as a Christian in service to others. His/her motivation for this work comes from the example of Christ, the commitment of the Catholic Church to social action, Xavier High School’s goal of educating Christian leaders for the community and his/her own desire to help all people.

The rewards for the student are many: knowledge that some disadvantaged person’s life has been improved; a better understanding of what it means to be elderly, disabled, abused, poor, seriously ill, academically impaired; the growth of skills to meet the needs of these groups; credit for graduation; and possible career opportunities and training. The XHS student’s concerns are no longer just selfish ones as she/he is now prepared to use his/her talents and skills for effective social change in the future.

The most important thing about our service program is people. Every service project should consist of a student having direct contact with a person or persons who are in some important way disadvantaged. His/her work is outside the normal world of his/her family routine and oriented towards people. Therefore the Xavier Service  program enables the student to put his/her ability and interest to work for God, others and him/herself.

Xavier’s Community Christian Service Project (CCSP) for Juniors and Seniors enables students to serve people in need thoughtfully and reflectively. The project allows students to work with people outside the school community in a professional setting.

In the summer between sophomore and junior years, up-coming juniors spend 80 hours observing possible sites for their senior CCSP, learning about the type of service that is provided by each organization, and reflecting on their experiences.  In the summer between junior and senior year, up-coming seniors are required to complete a 160-hour CCSP at a single organization.  Each service organization designates a supervisor to guide students’ work.  Xavier requests that students complete their CCSP in direct service to people in need.  Students have helped people by translating, assisting others in filling out legal forms, by tutoring and teaching, by assisting at the hospital and by performing other services.  During the CCSP, students keep a daily journal detailing their experiences and write a reflection paper after every forty hours of service.   When the seniors return to school, they spend a day sharing their CCSP experiences with their classmates.

• Each student receives a P or F grade for his/her service project work each year.

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