Stan Kostka, ’17: My Trip to Guam

April 10, 2017

Stan Kostka, ’17 in a race on Guam in March.


Track is one of my great passions. I am happy when I am running.  Running has also helped me as an individual to relieve stress, and maintain a healthy body. I recently competed in a track meet one Guam to promote a drug free lifestyle.  As a senior, I want to set a good example for other Xavier students.  I want to show my classmates that we are capable of many things.  I want to be part of a healthy community and also promote a drug free life.  I believe going to Guam taught me many life lessons, especially about life after Xavier.


It was my first time on Guam, so I was really nervous, but also excited. Landing on Guam was smoother than landing on Chuuk.  The team and coaches gave us a very warm welcome.  I was reminded of how we welcome visitors or leaders to Xavier.  The first night consisted of introductions. I introduced myself and said that I was from Xavier. I thought that the other athletes wouldn’t know about Xavier but, to my surprise, many had heard of us. They were excited to hear more about Xavier and Chuuk.


After our dinner, we went to the home of the families who were hosting us for the  meet.  Our hosts were extremely generous and hospitable.  The next day they took us to the mall and some other stores. After shopping, we all gathered for the opening at the sport complex. We spoke with leaders of the committee, Guam leaders, sponsors, and coaches. They talked about how drugs affect us, the relationship between FSM citizens and Chamorros, and how much they believe that we can be successful. There were also local dances and songs for the athletes and everyone else gathered. We had a lot of fun with them and I will never forget it.


We had a great rest the night before the meet.  We awoke to a beautiful day as people were getting ready for the races.  Before warming up, I told my team that we needed to pray. The event started with 60m dash, 100m dash, 200m dash, 400m dash, and then the long distance races. I joined the 18-and-under races and I was blessed enough to win several of the races in which I competed. I also took fourth in the 100m dash. I was disappointed in finishing fourth in that race, and I really hate losing, but it helps to motivate me to I will train harder for future meets.


My Xavier education has given me great opportunities and shaped me. I wouldn’t have been on Guam competing if I didn’t have help from Xavier.  Asking Fr. Baker, S.J. for the funds to travel to complete seemed hard, as I know money is tight at our school. I also know, though, that he wants us to experience more of what the world has to offer beyond Mabuchi Hill.  I was glad I didn’t let my apprehension keep me for asking for help.


Xavier is a great school because it helps us become a better people. Xavier challenges students to consider the world beyond what we know and are comfortable with.  Because of this, Xavier is a place that builds leaders for Micronesia and the world. I have been blessed to be a Xavier student, and I will miss the school, my classmates, and teachers after graduation.


Very soon, I will leave Xavier and continue onto college. While I am somewhat apprehensive about life after high school, I feel ready to use my Xavier education to change the world.  Being able to compete in a track meet on Guam is only one example of the many ways Xavier has prepared me for a bright future.


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