Student Activities

Pohnpei students in their traditional attires.

Also known as the Student Body Association, this group consists of all the class officers, district representatives along with the girl’s representative, and the SBA Officers.

This Club is responsible for learning new songs and then teaching the whole student body during Friday’s choir time.

This is an association of students who proctor in the school library and keep track of the books being signed out or borrowed from the library.

Yearbook Staff
This club is responsible for the annual publication of the student yearbook.

Campus Ministry
This club is tasked with supplementing the school’s ministry of faith to the students with activities–retreats, CSPs, prayer days–throughout the year. Campus Ministry is responsible for fostering a deeper awareness of God’s presence in the daily lives of all members of the school community.

Track and Field
A day when all the students go to down to compete against other high schools in track meets.

Xavier Day
A day celebrating the feast day of St. Francis Xavier when the Seniors and Freshmen compete against the Juniors and Sophmores in track meets.

Cultural Day
A day set by the school for all the different districts to show their culture in dances and displays.

A time for the students to have fun with each other while resting and hanging out from school work.

Girls Gathering
A time in which the girls of Xavier gather together to spend one night on campus. The purpose of this gathering is to give the girls a chance to settle any differences that they may have with each other in order to become as one.

Dance Nights
A light set by the school in which the students have fun and enjoy themselves in dances while dancing the night away.

Freshmen and Senior Entertainments
Entertainments are done twice a year for the incoming Freshmen class and the Seniors. The freshmen entertainment, which is done in the beginning of the year, is done as a way to welcome the freshmen and to make them feel at home. It is usually done with joyous skits, songs, and hilarious beauty contests. The senior entertainment, which is done before the seniors graduate, is a chance for the students to say goodbye to the seniors with skits, songs, and speeches which are usually sad, but sometimes even funny..

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