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All Xavierites know that a road project is easy - it's all about drainage, drainage, drainage.


Drainage, drainage, drainage!

Before Academic Classes can even begin, work needs to be done on the road to make it accessible to the buses

And more drainage!

Not Morning Prayer - Just Listening to Road Work Instructions

Road Work

Road Work

Seniors and Freshmen Getting the road in shape for the buses

Road Work

Seniors, Juniors, Sophomores and Freshmen making the road passable for the buses

The Dean and the Director Bonding with the Students in a Picnic in Blue Lagoon

Mr. Martin Carl-Principal; welcomes the Class of 2015 during the Freshman orientation


Signing the Xavier Honor Code at the Mass of the Holy Spirit

Signing the Xavier Honor Code at the Mass of the Holy Spirit

Sy 2011-2012 officially opens with the Blessing at the Mass of the Holy Spirit

Opening Day of School Morning Assembly

Mr. Jay goes over the handbook with the 9th graders

Freshmen going over the handbook

The Sophomore class and their teacher going over the handbook

The Seniors, with their teacher goes over the handbook with the Junior Class

Seniors going over the handbook. Even though it is their last year they should know the handbook from cover to cover












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