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Cultural Day, 60th Anniversary, Accreditation. Add to this mix the focus on student learning, and the 2011-2012 School Year at Xavier High School is a very busy and important year. As I return after a year’s sabbatical in the U.S., I want to thank Fr. Dave Andrus, SJ, who graciously took a year off from his job in Pohnpei to take on the role of acting director this past year. In addition to his role as acting director, Fr. Dave taught physics to the seniors, and quietly went about beginning the preparations for our WASC Accreditation this year. The word Magis (Latin for “more”)—The “Continuous Quality Improvement” term traditionally used by IGNATIUS OF LOYOLA and the JESUITS, suggesting the spirit of generous excellence in which ministry should be carried on.  Xavier thanks Fr. Dave Andrus for being a witness of the Magis to our students and faculty here at Xavier.

And speaking of the Magis, I want to say of word of thanks to our faculty and staff this year. Even though we have finished only our first week of classes, our Xavier faculty and staff have shown themselves to be men and women on fire with the desire to help our students to grow academically, morally, ethically, spiritually and psychologically. When we have had the need for someone to do the more, to step up and take on an extra assignment or duty for the continuous, quality improvement of our students, they have been there – generously. The faculty and staff at Xavier are also witnessing to the Magis, and it is having an effect on our students.  Last Saturday we asked for student volunteers to help fix our road up to Xavier (which washes away with each new torrential downpour),  so our buses and female students can make it up to Xavier safely. Thirty-five male students volunteered their time and labor. When a senior and junior were asked why they were helping, they responded, “The Magis”.

Lastly, and essentially, a word of thanks to our benefactors.  Knowingly or not, your generosity to Xavier has been another way of witnessing the Magis to our students – and to our faculty. Without your commitment to the “continuous, quality, improvement of our students and facilities here at Xavier, Xavier – literally – could not survive.” Thank you so much for your witness.

We still have tremendous needs here at Xavier. If you wish to join us in our Mission, please take a look through the rest of our website, especially  at our needs list, and at the  “Donate Now” section.

The Magis – the spirit of generous excellence in which ministry should be carried on is what Xavier is all about and captures in a word our Mission Statement of Xavier High School – “Educating competent, conscientious and compassionate leaders whose lives are guided by the Christian call to service”.

Thanks to all of you who witness to the Magis, not in words, but through your actions. May God bless you abundantly.

Fr. Rich McAuliff, SJ


Xavier High School, Micronesia


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