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January 16, 2016




REMINDER: Third Quarter Tuition was due on January 5, 2016. If you have not yet paid, please contact the director, principal and treasurer. Xavier continues to run because of your support!

REMINDER: First Quarter Tuition was due on August 3, 2015. Second Quarter Tuition was due on October 26, 2015. If you have not yet paid, please contact the director, principal and treasurer.


We, at Xavier, hope you had a wonderful Christmas and would like to wish everyone a very Happy New Year! We continue to be so grateful for our students, their parents and the Sapuk community. We had a special welcome in a school wide mass to celebrate the Epiphany on Wednesday, January 6, 2016, followed by the first day of class. We sure missed you over break and are glad of your safe return for the second semester!



On Saturday, December 5, 2015, during the events of Xavier Day, we stopped activities to pay respect to the late Keitani Graham, Micronesian Olympic Wrestler and alumnus of Xavier High School. We joined with Keitani’s family for a dedication led by director Fr. Bob Pecoraro, SJ, of a trophy case memorial. The trophy case contains memorabilia from all levels of Keitani’s competitions, including high school and collegiate, national and international, including the 2012 London Olympic Games. We thank the Graham family for their donation to the school as Keitani’s story will continue to inspire Xavierites. In conjunction with the dedication, Xavier High School has created the Keitani Graham Memorial Scholarship, which will be awarded every four years to a deserving student to attend Xavier.

After the dedication, Clark Graham, Keitani’s father, spoke of Keitani’s love of sports and school. In honor of Keitani and his legacy, Ship Hoops, Mr. Graham and Xavier principal Mr. Martin Carl presented medals to ten student-athletes: seniors Hitoshi Oue, Seamon Andreas Jr., Mac Ladore, Youki Susaia Jr., Kiasa Kanto, Klumch Tangelbad, juniors Keenen Weirlangt, Liana Preston- Irons, and sophomores Tiakyra Palik and Truly Darryl Kansou. These students perform well in sports and in the classroom. We commend these students for their love of athleticism and dedication to being drug free.


The harder the battle; the sweeter the victory!

On Monday, December 7, 2015, the basketball playoffs ended. Ranked 2nd in the regular season, our Xavier Boys’ Varsity team faced off against the 1st ranked team of the regular season, Chuuk High Team A. Ranked 4th in the regular season, our Xavier Junior Varsity team achieved 3rd in the championships. Our Xavier Girls’ team, ranked 2nd in the regular season, also placed in the Chuuk State Basketball Championship.

page1image37048 page1image37632


page1image38816 page1image38976 page1image39568

Boys’ Teams



Chuuk High Team A


Xavier Varsity Team


Xavier Junior Varsity Team

page1image49728 page1image49888 page1image50616 page1image50936 page1image51208

Girls’ Teams



Chuuk High Team B


page1image55616 page1image55936 page1image56416 page1image56736

Saramen Chuuk Academy Team


Xavier High Team

We thank the players, managers, and coaches for their teamwork and effort throughout the season and look forward to improving for next year.


As our faculty returns from break along with our students, Xavier would like to welcome two new teachers to the faculty: Ms. Morgan Schmidt and Mr. Andrew Denman. Hailing from Wisconsin in the United States, Ms. Morgan and Mr. Denman both graduated from University of Wisconsin at Whitewater. Ms. Morgan will be teaching freshmen Literature and two special Journalism electives for juniors and seniors. Mr. Denman will be teaching sophomore Geometry and the senior Physics elective. We are excited to welcome them to our Xavier community!


Xavier has been celebrating many acceptances for the senior class. Our college counselors, Ms. Annie Kraus and Mr. Joe Lenz, work with the seniors to search for scholarships and financial aid packets that will best support students financially while studying in university. As of Thursday, January 14, 2015, the seniors have been accepted to 28 universities:

St. Martin’s University

Saint Joseph’s University

Creighton University

Scranton University

University of Mount Mary

Florida Institute of Technology

Regis University

Ripon College


Canisius College


La Salle University

Cardinal Stritch University

Bob Jones University

DePaul University

Bradley University

Hawaii Pacific University

Columbia College Chicago

Saint Peter’s University

University of Portland

Saint Thomas University

Pacific Lutheran University


University of New Haven

William Jewel College

Samford University


Adelphi University


Seattle University

Marymount University California


Loyola University of Chicago


Xavier University


On Monday, December 7, 2016, the students welcomed the Japanese Provincial Fr. Yoshio Kajiyama, SJ, to Xavier High School with the Xavier Welcome Song and a Japanese welcoming song. Fr. Yoshio visited classes, met with faculty and talked with students. Next year Xavier will be blessed with a Japanese scholastic, Mr. Ochi Naoki, SJ. Sent by Fr. Yoshio, he will help with Religion classes and Campus Ministry events. Fr. Yoshio was also happy to attend the Japanese classes taught by our JICA volunteer Eriko Akaishi. At his farewell assembly on Thursday, December 10, 2016, junior Paul Naut stood in front of the assembly to deliver a speech in Japanese, thanking Fr. Yoshio for his visit and wishing him safe travels.


Xavier Entrance Exam January 16, 2016

Sophomore Prayer Day Friday, January 22, 2016

Dance Night Saturday, January 23, 2016

Catholic Schools Week January 25, 2016 – January 29, 2016


On Wednesday, January 13, 2016, the seniors eligible for the Gates Millennium Scholarship spent the day in the Xavier Computer Lab and the Micronesian Seminar, finishing final drafts, uploading essays and submitting applications. We would like to thank the teachers, but most especially the college counselors Ms. Annie Kraus and Mr. Joe Lenz, who have been working with these seniors every step of the way, reading, editing and commenting on the essays. We would also like to recognize the 13 Gates Nominees for their hard work, academic performance and leadership throughout their four years here at Xavier. With the applications in, the seniors can refocus their energy on school and continue to make Xavier great. You are all in our prayers.


On Friday, January 8, 2016, the Asian & Pacific Islander American Scholarship Fund application was due. Thank you to the college counselors, Ms. Annie Kraus and Mr. Joe Lenz, as well as Mr. Ean Tierney for their guidance.


On Thursday, December 3, 2015, Xavier celebrated the Feast Day of St. Francis Xavier, our school namesake, with a School-Wide Mass service sponsored by the Chuukese district members. We thank them for their beautiful singing and their willingness to serve.

On Friday, December 4, 2015, there was a half day of classes to allow for an afternoon of fun activities! With the powerful seniors partnered with their freshmen and the mighty juniors with the energetic sophomores, it promised to be an exciting 2 days of events.

On Saturday, December 5, 2015, Xavier students, faculty, staff, and alumni came together for the main events. Starting the day with the national anthems from each of the students’ countries, the flags from the rooftop waved beautifully in the wind. The sun was shining and the games were on!

From the dizzy races to the coconut husking and the sprints to the relays, both teams gave their best performances. However, at the end of the day, when the Student Body Association counted up the points, the results were 157 – 157: a tie, proving the truth of our motto Ut Omnes Unum Sint, that all may be won.

We give a special thank you to the alumni who came to visit during these Xavier Day games and to the Student Body Association for their organization and execution of the schedule of events. Go Navigators!


On Friday, January 8, 2016, Xavier had the Honors Assembly for students on 1st and 2nd Honors. To earn 1st Honors, students must have a GPA of 3.50 or higher. In addition, they must have an effort average of 1.4 or lower. To earn 2nd Honors, students must have a GPA of 3.00 or higher and an effort average of 1.6 or lower. (Any student with a D or F is automatically disqualified from honors. Any student with a 3 or 4 effort grade is automatically disqualified from honors.) We applaud the honor roll students and encourage all Xavierites to continue to work hard throughout this second quarter!



page3image22328 page3image22936


page3image23952 page3image24112 page3image24544


page3image25720 page3image26152



First Honors

page3image29568 page3image30184

First Honors

page3image31408 page3image31568 page3image31888 page3image32160

First Honors

page3image33384 page3image33976

First Honors


Seamon Andreas, Jr. Tyronn Ardos
AJ Arnold Xavior Bandarii Kaitlin Isalias Denzel Ligohr Vicky Lukan Joshua Mori Andre Nevado Hitoshi Oue Andrei Miko Ronquillo Jeremiah Syne Klumch Tangelbad Ethan Techitong Turutana Tekaata Darla Yatilman

Shaniah Arnold KJ Kaminanga Remigio Kanemoto Dongyeon Kim Byung Woong Ko Stanislaus Kostka Christopher Loyola Eryiel Mascardo Kiverly Michiosy Shaun Riley Mingii Jessica Moufa Paul Naut Jasmine Panuel Liana Preston-Irons Keenen Weirlangt Azia Yalap

Arrio Abello Frankie Albert Chloe Arnold Paul Charley Karen Ehmes Shemar Felix Evalani George Jesse Joash Marvin Ligohr Coral Marcil Ronelson R. Morton Won Jung Park Linda Reynold Dilluna Rivera Regina-Jilta Saimon Vincent Samo Trey Techitong

Hermanegild Archeaq Erwin Cano
LJ Gamow Charson Iriarte Winetta Irons Aes Keller
Rita Mae Keller Ubai Kingzio DeShawn Romolow Shota Shigeta Johnny Silk, Jr. Chet Techuo Merkii Urmakl-Meek Kohen Weirlangt


Second Honors

page3image53096 page3image53712

Second Honors

page3image54936 page3image55256 page3image55416 page3image55688

Second Honors

page3image57072 page3image57504

Second Honors


Drew Arnold McGregor Ladore Mary Jane Mori Thomas Yow

Malia Akapito Lisen Candle Valerina Cantero Jon Roque Castro Natasha Gorong Nicole Hadik Cabrini Heldart Kilisou Kincho Ryback Malakai Ivana Mendiola Shivanna Mendiola Kehoni Robert Jacob Spis Senior Bertrisha Smith Heazel Wengu

Elma Bobo Natasha Calep Noah Halferty Truly Darryl Kansou Leonard Panuelo Tiakyra Palik Ramsey Narruhn Yolanda Marar Maleha Saimon Praiselyn Simina Akio Skilling Jmerenda Sound Aslee Raiden Ueki Jerick Welbert MacMillan Willyander

Kedul Andreas Risong Andres Nate Ben Petrus Elias Lashana Gilmete Jonathan Hadley Cartokiko Lowary Darmalynn Mori Bradley Pangelinan Nathan Rodriguez Belinda Saimon Garnett Sungino Millanie Talley

The senior class has 39% of the students on first honors and 10% on second honors, for a total of 49% of their class on honors.

The junior class has 35% of the students on first honors and 30% on second honors, for a total of 65% of their class on honors.

The sophomore class has 33% of the students on first honors and 25% on second honors, for a total of 59% of their class on honors.

The freshmen class has 28% of the students on first honors and 26% on second honors, for a total of 54% of their class on honors.


Xavier has 34% of its students on first honors and 23% on second honors, for a total of 57% of the school on honors this quarter. We will continue to work hard and look forward to the third quarter honor roll! Congratulations to the Junior Class for having the highest percent of students on honors for this first quarter. Keep up the good work!


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